International (C.I.B)*, Nordic, Finnish, Swedish, Norway Champion

2½years in photo

D.o.b 28.12.2008

Harmi came to us very sudden, but I was very happy to have that young boy full of life in our home. We had very nice time in show rings with Harmi and as you can see, he was very good in the shows. He got Nordic & International Champion very fast, only 2½ years old.

 After International Champion he moved to Finland our friend Jaana. Harmi stressed too much to be with girls during the heat times, so best thing was to moved place where is not any girls with heat.

Huge thanks to Harmis breeder of a wonderful dog and helping to finishing his titles.

And Jaana for giving great place for Harmi.

Owner: Jaana Oja & Kennel Maltanko's, Sweden

.::Some show results::.
20.09.2009 Ljusdal Puppy Class BOB - puppy BIS1 puppy
03.10.2009 Sundsvall Junior Class BM 1 CAC BOS BOB Junior, BIS 3 junior
28.11.2009 Turku INT, Finland Junior Class BM1 CAC BOS
24.04.2010 Västerås Intermediate  Class BM2 CAC
15.05.2010 Piteå Intermediate  Class BM1 CAC BOB, BOB young & BIS 3 -young
16.05.2010 Piteå Intermediate  Class BM1 CAC BOB
04.07.2010 Trondheim INT Intermediate  Class BM1 CAC CACIB BOB
18.07.2010 Alfta Intermediate  Class BM1 CAC BOB BOG 3
07.08.2010 Svenstavik INT Intermediate  Class BM1 CAC CACIB BOB
09.04.2011 Vaasa INT, Finland Open Class BM2 CAC, res-cacib
26.06.2011 Rovaniemi INT, Finland Open Class

BM1 CAC CACIB BOB -> Nordic Ch!

06.07.2011 Alfta Champion Class


23.07.2011 Tornio INT, Finland Champion Class


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Video of Harmi in Turku INT Show

Harmi in the puppy show, Best of Breed puppy & Best In Show 1 puppy

Harmi 9 months  old

Harmi in his first official show Best Male and first CC!

Young Harmi about 12 months

Harmi got his 2:nd CAC in Turku INT (Left)

Harmi CAC BOB youth & BOB & BIS3 youth in Piteå 2010


Harmi and his son Alex in Alfta (BOB & BOG3)